Coherent [adjective]

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Voice Tweets should be no different, and your audio ambassador should always listen carefully to ensure that each tweet conveys a simple and coherent message that exemplifies your brand.

The most discussed breakthrough has been OpenAI’s GPT-3, which can generate long passages of coherent prose from a human-written prompt of just a line or two.

While extolling the benefits of a coherent localized marketing strategy, the study identifies a number of common operational barriers to effective tactical execution.

Most often, a gravitational wave is produced in a “coherent state,” which is akin to ripples on a pond.

According to Bishop, because populations living in areas controlled by non-state armed groups have extremely limited access to testing, coherent statistical information about the extent of the pandemic there is unavailable.

And our surroundings at that particular moment were not the most favorable to coherent thought or plausible theory-building.

The frightened maid ceased to scold in her polyglot way and grew coherent.

She appeared to wander in her mind, for sometimes her words were coherent, at other times she merely babbled.

Coherent memory resumes with the noise the warriors made in returning to the camp.

If I can manage to be rationally coherent, I shall be more than satisfied.