Coheres [verb]

Definition of Coheres:

stick to, cling

Synonyms of Coheres:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coheres:

Sentence/Example of Coheres:

The skills developed in that job surely abetted the show’s two striking video pieces, in which animated moving shapes sometimes cohere into silhouetted human figures.

Once a new queen emerged, the colony cohered again, suggesting that in addition to suppressing reproduction, queens also somehow control a colony’s voice.

It’s a potpourri of insights that cohere around the positive Grassmannian, and around the unique mind that generated them.

I kept waiting for the little mysteries to cohere into something larger, but Todbaum’s motives don’t grow any clearer, nor does the nature of Sandy’s wariness.

It’s not entirely clear how Ratcliffe’s allegation really coheres.

These being too imperfect to be printed alone, his friends inserted them in the memorial, where they seemed best to cohere.

Remove the filmy part, and heat the frayed edges till they cohere and form an incipient tube.

To have him thus cohere into substance at a moment's notice lent him the novelty of a new creation.

The two packets of eggs sometimes cohere together at their lower ends.

If the residual gold is broken up, move the crucible so as to bring the particles together, so that they may cohere.