Cohesion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cohesion:

He wondered aloud about the football team dinner at the hotel the night before the home game, a long-held ritual among big-time college football programs seeking cohesion and focus.

As she strives to build cohesion, there’s at least one enthusiastic hire Boler Davis can claim credit for.

The cohesion and camaraderie that we relied on in the acute phase is needed now more than ever.

Certain rituals, such as singing and dancing together, are particularly good at amplifying group cohesion and a spirit of generosity.

Fourteenth century scholar Ibn Khaldūn used the term asabiyah, Arabic for solidarity, to describe the social cohesion that emerges from engaging in collective rituals.

The rapid spread of the revolt was not a whit less marvelous than its lack of method or cohesion.

The people on the eastern side have always strongly opposed anything approaching governmental cohesion with the other side.

The cohesion of these tribes into states was a slow process; the adoption of a general system of government still slower.

There is a common inheritance of memories that never lose their power of cohesion where love and friendship reign in families.

The cohesion of the liquid explains it, as our young friend here has said.