Cohesive [adjective]

Definition of Cohesive:

tending to unite

Synonyms of Cohesive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cohesive:

Sentence/Example of Cohesive:

The creeds are falling to pieces for want of unity, cohesive principle and authority.

Intermarriages with their Dutch fellow-colonists further promoted assimilation into one cohesive community.

This anemia of modern speech is only too well encouraged by the feeble cohesive force of our phonetic symbols.

In the first place, money in large quantities has singular adhesive and cohesive properties.

Love is the one cohesive, unifying, constructive force, and it is at the same time the only liberating force.

The definition answers: "the inherent powers of cohesive attraction."

In autocratic societies the cohesive force exists in traditions or can at any moment be generated executively.

There we sat, at any rate, wedged in a mass as vague and cohesive as chocolate creams running into one another.

There is therefore a favourable atmosphere for expecting cohesive and restrained movement on the part of the masses.

All such forces are loose and irregular, with little cohesive power, and they will not bear disappointment and waiting.