Cohorts [noun]

Definition of Cohorts:

partner in activity

Synonyms of Cohorts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cohorts:

Sentence/Example of Cohorts:

Anyway, Fire Bear's cohorts should be rounded up and imprisoned without delay.

Upon this Labienus marched against the city, having with him cohorts drafted from the Roman soldiery stationed in Asia.

After that, Vyrtl sat back and allowed his cohorts to promulgate a number of minor, harassing conditions.

Ants marched up in their cohorts between the bricks in the pantry floor.

Were these suddenly suspended, all the power of the Prætorian cohorts, I suppose, could not keep peace in Rome.

"We'll have a watermelon," he announced in tones of quiet authority, and his cohorts gurgled applause.

No more time, I assure you, did it cost three of our cohorts to settle the whole lot of them.

Down to the ports of distant countries hurried cohorts of warriors, with beds upon their backs, and picks upon their shoulders.

Sadly we watch the retreat of the sable cohorts, whose desertion leaves our northern homes to the desolation of winter.

There was no tie of national sentiment to bind together the unwieldy cohorts of Persia.