Coif [noun]

Definition of Coif:

covering worn over the head

Synonyms of Coif:

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Sentence/Example of Coif:

On his head the Templar wore a white linen coif, and over that a small round cap made of red cloth.

On No. 12 of the same plate we see the helm being put on over the mail coif; the padded cap is worn under the mail.

A coif of black lace covered her upturned hair, framed her sweet face, and was tied soberly under her chin.

Katherine tied the white, lace coif she wore a little tighter beneath her chin.

A complete suit of mail, with coif and mufflers, late twelfth century, said to have been found in a coffin in Goring Church.

The plain coif, or close-fitting linen cap, was the most general wear for the poor and middle classes.

He went with the others to his sweetheart, and showed her the coif.

A cap called a coif, fitting close to the head and fastened under the chin, was often worn by men of all classes.

The coif or cap, familiarly known as the Mary Queen of Scots cap, came into use in this reign.

On the head was worn a linen coif, and above that a bowl-shaped skull-cap of red cloth turned up all round.