Coiffure [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Coiffure:

He rose and kissed her lightly on the forehead, experience teaching him to avoid a stray hair from the carefully built coiffure.

Let the coiffure be of flowers or ribbons, never feathers, and but very little jewelry is becoming to an unmarried lady.

Be very careful, when dressing for a ball, that the hair is firmly fastened, and the coiffure properly adjusted.

She settled her chain and puffed the elaborate coiffure of her hair, the while she continued to survey the class.

His coiffure alone would have made him appear whimsical and ridiculous, had not his head been noble and distinguished.

To-day, therefore, I attended at the hotel, and had the pleasure of making the coiffure of a charming lady.

Breathe it not in Gath, but in this unpleasant fashion does Sarah achieve her crinkled morning coiffure!

Grizel leant her head on his shoulder with a forgetfulness of coiffure which in itself would have raised his apprehension.

In head-dresses, feathers form the most elegant and fashionable coiffure for full evening dress.

There is another subject I would fain touch on here, at the risk even of irrelevance; it refers to the Soho style of coiffure.