Coiling [noun]

Definition of Coiling:

thread that curls

Synonyms of Coiling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coiling:


Sentence/Example of Coiling:

A wireless signal can be sent that creates a current in a coil surrounding the pin, affecting its magnetic field and dropping the gadget.

Internal air chambers simulate traditional coils, and a double-lock valve helps keep air from escaping, and the convenient two-pack makes for an economic option when outfitting a family.

This mattress gets high marks for its double-height construction and the 40 internal air chambers in the top of the mattress that simulate the individual coils of a traditional mattress.

Each notebook is bound with a spiral lock coil binding that helps prevent the coils from catching on other things in your backpack.

That change in the magnetic field around the coil generates an electric current that also can be used to power the device.

Over this spot he twisted all the remaining hair into a coil about four inches long, pointing slightly forward like a horn.

No matter what Jessie did to the tuning coil she could not bring that strangely broadcasted message back to their ears.

Amy adjusted the earphones while her friend manipulated the slides on the tuning coil.

She adjusted it, sticking the hat pin through the heavy coil of hair with some deliberation.

“No visitors allowed aboard,” replied Mr Welton sternly; catching up, nevertheless, a coil of rope.