Coinages [noun]

Definition of Coinages:

process of making money

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Sentence/Example of Coinages:

The present bronze coinage came into use December 1st, 1860, and Messrs. Heaton have had several contracts therefor since then.

The last-named engine was intended for the coinage operations in the Mint at Lima.

This was done quite openly and the coinage was restored at the earliest opportunity.

If he had stayed away people might have thought that he was reading blue-books, or calculating coinage, or preparing a speech.

The Swiss army, postal system and finances were put under federal control and a national coinage was established.

The gold required for the introduction of the new coinage was provided from the indemnity paid by France.

But had he advocated the free and unlimited coinage of pig-iron I could have talked him into a gasping hysteria.

The Lydians began coinage by stamping with a punch each ingot or nugget of gold or silver, or a mixture of them called “Electrum.”

The four sceptres were placed saltier-wise upon the reverse of guineas, till the gold coinage of his present majesty.

All was in copper coinage, Lycurgan and severe, and reached the sum of one pound, seventeen shillings.