Coincided [verb]

Definition of Coincided:

go along with; coexist

Synonyms of Coincided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coincided:

Sentence/Example of Coincided:

By the playoffs, his decrease on such shots coincided with other noticeable late-game dips.

As for Lens, the new API, which will go live next week to coincide with KubeCon, will enable developers to extend the service with support for other Kubernetes-integrated components and services.

Fortunately for creators, CTV’s rise coincides with YouTube rewarding longer videos.

This coincided nicely with a rising trend in healthier eating.

Crude sank to a five-month low as a continued increase in Libyan production coincided with a wave of new restrictions to combat the virus.

That higher quality appears to have coincided with higher viewership.

Investors have signaled increasing concerns as the pandemic enters this newest phase, which coincides with flu season.

The Pew finding coincides with other recent surveys on the subject.

The company also decided last year to host its own sale coinciding with Amazon Prime Day, because “we didn’t want our consumers to have the ability to get on Amazon, that they can’t get on our site,” according to Lapidus.

The promotions announced Tuesday coincide with Apple’s introduction of its first 5G iPhone.