Coincidences [noun]

Definition of Coincidences:

agreement; coexistence

Synonyms of Coincidences:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coincidences:

Sentence/Example of Coincidences:

It is these unique coincidences and recurrences that make it so easy to find relations between these sovereigns.

You see, sir, we must be on the right track; coincidences cannot extend through half a dozen names.

In fact, detective work, for all that is said on the other side, is mostly the ability to recognize and connect coincidences.

This is one of the coincidences with Laromiguière (Leçons , i. 103).

The question, however, is of small account in the face of the probability called forth by the coincidences that remain.

Of all the apparent coincidences I have noticed between Shakspere's previous plays and the essays, none has any evidential value.

To infer the date from a comparison of literary coincidences and allusions is however a very delicate operation.

An extraordinary set of coincidences which "points unmistakably to a common origin and cause of variability."

The coincidences of cleavage point merely to a readily intelligible historical association.

The latter invents allegories and lets his fancy run wild in weaving new coincidences, which Scripture does not even suggest.