Coincident [adjective]

Definition of Coincident:

concurring, happening together

Synonyms of Coincident:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coincident:


Sentence/Example of Coincident:

His first hard struggle for deliverance was coincident with his last hour of earthly peace.

And coincident with the same, she became the recipient of numerous offers from almost everywhere.

Almost coincident with the last stroke came the sweeter note of a silver gong from somewhere close at hand.

The events which led to their conviction were curiously coincident.

The little uplift of mood, coincident with the rifling of Riggs's person, had not worn over to this evening camp.

The rise and fall of the tide is coincident with the movements of a perpendicular wire to which the Float is attached.

By this means it is not necessary to adjust the square edge exactly coincident with the line, but a little way from it.

It appears that gales are generally more violent and prolonged when coincident with spring tides than with neaps.

Coincident with the nationalized market for goods, production began to change from a handicraft to a machine basis.

Coincident with it, there is an important change with respect to the character of the totem animal.