Coincides [verb]

Definition of Coincides:

go along with; coexist

Synonyms of Coincides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coincides:

Sentence/Example of Coincides:

There was but one man in the camp who did not coincide in those glittering visions.

However, as our opinions coincide upon the passage in question, I am not disposed to pick a quarrel with him.

As causes precede effects, the causal order and the time order generally coincide.

Virtue conducts not to happiness, nor crime to retribution: conscience has one logic, fate another; and neither coincide.

But neither of these periods, can be truly said to coincide with the probable era of the chief's historical reminiscences.

The cylindrical weight at the free end of the spring had a line on it that would coincide with the proper reading.

The meaning is that a man's act and intention must coincide in aiming at the fulfilment of God's will.

With what physical conditions these differences coincide is not always easy to be discerned.

If there were two eternal beings, they would either coincide in all respects, and they would be one and not two.

Still, we cannot quite coincide with Dr Arnold's opinion on this subject.