Coins [noun]

Definition of Coins:

metallic money

Synonyms of Coins:

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Sentence/Example of Coins:

The musician joins Boxer Floyd Mayweather and music producer DJ Khaled as celebrities who’ve been sued by the Wall Street regulator for hyping initial coin offerings.

However, when the coin is flipped on any other state that is not competitive, the probabilities of all the other states are stable.

Soon after, officials at the Energy Department began to coin new terms for American LNG, calling it “freedom gas” and “molecules of freedom” as they sought to market it around the world.

For central banks, including the Federal Reserve, a purely digital currency—one not linked to coins or paper bills—would represent a step beyond the existing system of electronic money transfer.

About the size of a large coin, the device replaces a small chunk of your skull and sits flush with the surrounding skull matter.

But, perhaps also predictably, the company whose founder coined Moore’s Law begs to differ.

People were also shown coin-like images that actually were elliptical.

They don’t all love the name for their movement — it was originally coined jokingly by Eric Weinstein but has since stuck.

Despite expressing confidence in their abilities, participants did no better than a coin flip in distinguishing between the two types of coughs.

Spencer Langevin holds a blowtorch to a coin-sized battery electrolyte.