Coition [noun]

Definition of Coition:

sexual act

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Sentence/Example of Coition:

It is the ready or difficult coition or union of bodies in composition, or simple juxtaposition.

And so of late time was Paracelsus, who did undertake to prescribe a way for the generation of a man without coition.

Fecundity they set forth by a Goat, because but seven daies old, it beginneth to use coition.

It shows on the right a man and woman, representing the sun and moon, in the act of coition, standing up to the thighs in a lake.

Magnetic coition, unlike electric attraction, cannot be screened.

Similarly, the shape and weight of the iron determine the magnetic force in coition.

The mutual motion in coition was one of the reasons for Gilbert's rejection of the perpetual motion machine of Peregrinus.

Coition (he did not take up revolution at this point) differed from that due to other attractions.

Since it is an element, it has a motion natural to it, and this motion is magnetic coition.

Coition, as the Latin origin of the term denoted, is always a concerted action.