Cola [noun]

Definition of Cola:

carbonated beverage

Synonyms of Cola:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cola:


Sentence/Example of Cola:

The room was full of students eating ice cream and drinking coco-cola and ice cream sodas.

Matteo was the name of this worthy pair, and the old man was called Cola and his wife was known as Sapatella.

It was to them that Cola di Rienzo looked for assistance and support.

The saturnian line falls into two cola of which the first (a) contains three, the second (b) two accented syllables.

She turned back and saw the half-empty Pepsi-Cola bottle on the floor beside the bed table.

Opposite compare Alfio lived massaro Cola, the vinedresser, who was as rich as a pig, and had one daughter at home.

A considerable number of letters passed between Petrarch and Cola.

That appears to be located east of the Coca Cola machine, is that correct?

Que' non vedendo ne huomo, ne bestia, che il cacciasse, dissero: "Mostraci chi ti caccia: et menaci cola one ella ."

El pjaro no alcanza a tener una cuarta de longitud desde el pico a la punta de la cola.