Coliseum [noun]

Definition of Coliseum:

arena for events

Synonyms of Coliseum:

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Sentence/Example of Coliseum:

Look at what Turner will do when his cue is masonry,—in the Coliseum.

He ran as fast as he could, and found himself at length in the Coliseum.

Follow with papers on the Roman games; at the dedication of the Coliseum these lasted a hundred days.

An extract of a private letter from Rome states that the Coliseum is in process of restoration.

Nan had her sight of the Coliseum by moonlight, and was stirred to the depths by the grandeur and solemnity of the scene.

In the background are seen the Capitol, the image of Roman power, and the vast ruins of the Coliseum.

After it was all over we drove to the Coliseum, for the moon was full.

At the given day, they repaired to the entrance of the Coliseum.

The first day they visited the Coliseum, the Forum and other famous places.

The stone rings, into which these masts were fastened, are still visible at the present day in the walls of the Coliseum.