Collaborate [verb]

Definition of Collaborate:

work together

Opposite/Antonyms of Collaborate:

Sentence/Example of Collaborate:

The company announced this week that it is investing $250 million in an initiative to eliminate fossil fuel use across its operations and to collaborate with several research institutions to address related health problems.

Those who were exceptionally creative, did great work, and collaborated well with others went immediately into the “keepers” pile.

We got to meet and collaborate with founders in complimentary technologies like IoT and AI.

A tasks tab lets people set up notes, bookmark items, set meetings and alerts and collaborate with other people on their team.

While this has been a challenging situation for all of us, this time has also given us the opportunity to reevaluate and develop new ways of working and collaborating with each other and our customers.

The ability to collaborate with news publishers to build long-term sustainable business models is key.

WarnerMedia and Xandr have been collaborating more closely this year, such as by proactively setting up joint meetings with ad buyers.

Partners with whom we were not aligned simply stopped collaborating with us.

However, the shop does expect to collaborate with clients as well as other agencies on Decode content.

Barrish is the only sales person for the brand and collaborates with the internal business operations of Penske Media Corporation.