Collaborating [verb]

Definition of Collaborating:

work together

Opposite/Antonyms of Collaborating:

Sentence/Example of Collaborating:

We must collaborate to collect data that is more relevant to historically marginalized populations, including social, environmental, and behavioral data.

The two collaborated for “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’,” which delighted country singers such as Ashley McBryde, who swayed and sang along.

They have also collaborated with local groups, like Wide Angle Youth Media in Baltimore, to create short films that better relate to the experiences of the students in which they are being shown.

After tumbling earlier today, Beyond Meat shares are shooting upward on news that the company did indeed collaborate with McDonald’s on its new McPlant vegetarian menu.

Supreme has also made products featuring older pop culture icons like Bugs Bunny and Kermit the Frog, expanding its appeal across generations, and collaborates just as easily with luxury brands as it does with mid-tier ones.

His behavior, and that of two other men collaborating with him, became increasingly concerning between July and September, Schumacher wrote in the restraining order application.

Our team of fun and crazy-talented designers collaborate and share a passion for the outdoors.

In the second Amazon-funded effort, known as Forest Carbon Co-ops, the Nature Conservancy is collaborating with the Vermont Land Trust to develop a similar program for owners of wooded lands ranging in area from 200 to 2,000 acres.

Others, meanwhile, are likely to come in only a few days a month when they need to collaborate.

“We’re able to collaborate and meet with a few clients safely in person, receive and ship products from a central location, and experience some form of normalcy outside the office,” Crowe told Fortune.