Collaborators [noun]

Definition of Collaborators:

person who works with another

Synonyms of Collaborators:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collaborators:

Sentence/Example of Collaborators:

What took place during that dreadful fortnight is only known to the two collaborators.

Anybody who means to work honestly must strive to awaken and to sustain the interest of his collaborators.

There is a large staff of collaborators, each article is prepared by a specialist; the whole is a rare piece of book-making.

With the aid of several collaborators he transformed his material, eliminating anything that was crude and gross.

In choosing his collaborators his principle was never to select nobles or ecclesiastics, but persons of inferior birth.

This latter end the encyclopdist collaborators may have thought to be an indispensable means subsidiary to the former end.

As authors, as collaborators, we will sit with the flower of our critics, and find our own level in the expert eye.

Diaghileff, with his company and collaborators, preceded me, so that when I joined them rehearsals were in full swing.

Relying on the truth and ability of their collaborators, they receive their conclusions as their own.

Art cannot endure mediocrity, science may rely upon itand find collaborators everywhere.