Collage [noun]

Definition of Collage:

mixture of pictures

Synonyms of Collage:

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Sentence/Example of Collage:

The show includes a set of small collages and another series, executed with oil stick, that layer brighter colors on slate-toned fields.

In seeking out evidence on patient-centered care, Mazzarelli and Trzeciak wound up reviewing 281 research articles that formed what they saw as a collage of evidence about the power of compassion.

While companies like Microsoft are trying to work around the collage of squares we’re used to by superimposing cutout figures at a table, for example, the fact is that staring intensely at faces for long periods of time is draining.

Mark Wamaling’s collage, subtitled “Mail-in Ballot for Alfred Jarry,” was inspired by the proto-Dadaist author of the play “Ubu Roi” and features multiple postmarks.

Get adults to send photos of their creations and assemble a digital art collage to share with everyone.

The 143 collage system is also very prevalent in France among the working classes, and seems to answer well enough.

The method of collage employed at the Abbey of Hautvillers is said to have preserved the wines from this evil.

In the whiche Universite is no Collage founded by eny quene of England hidertoward.

During the last few years, the Collage has not raised enough of these trees to meet the demand.

Margaret had however called it the quenes collage of sainte Margarete and S. Bernard.