Collapsed [verb]

Definition of Collapsed:

fall apart, break down

Synonyms of Collapsed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collapsed:

Sentence/Example of Collapsed:

Maloney collapsed visibly, and I gathered the wood over the fire and coaxed up a blaze.

He had the ruler of Asturia back on the bed now, weak and helpless and almost collapsed after his outburst of violence.

She arrived, indeed, with lungs fairly collapsed and her heart entirely unreliable.

During the operation, which was a coeliotomy, she collapsed and her heart ceased beating.

The Quebec bridge (fig. 25) over the St Lawrence, which collapsed while in course of construction in 1907.

As the result of the differences among the leaders, the strike collapsed at the end of seventeen weeks.

Soon the whole front end of the hotel collapsed, sending up a fierce cloud of smoke, ashes, and sparks.

The next moment it wilted, rolled downward with outstretched arms, and collapsed upon the gravel, an inert mass.

Dangerfield shot around, gazed in the direction of his enemy, and putting out his hands as though to ward him off, collapsed.

As Winfree shook himself free from the civilian, the arch of sabers above them collapsed.