Collate [verb]

Definition of Collate:

sort collection

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Sentence/Example of Collate:

The article, which he says simply collated other people’s ideas, has attracted intense commentary on TV networks and among government officials.

The group “will be working with multiple departments to collate data to help identify the scope and magnitude of the gaps in collection,” she said.

In Estonia, despite having multiple private health service providers, doctors can collate and visualize patient records whenever and wherever necessary, with consent from patients—a real boon in the country’s fight against coronavirus.

Implementing tools that collate and merge data from multiple sources — including PPC and SEO campaigns — will make collaboration easier.

He and his colleagues played short audio clips of coughing from apparently sick and healthy people collated from YouTube for over 200 volunteers, asking whether each cough was from someone who was ill or not.

You file some papers, you collate some register, you sign your name or your initials to some documents.

With insistent fervour they implored one another to be careful, and to collate what had been copied.

Eventually, long before they really develop a stabilized ethic, someone's going to collate that whole mess.

He had only to collate the Alta and Tribune letters, edit them, and write such new matter as would be required for completeness.

But a scholar can only collate satisfactorily when he has sufficient means, and these demand much time and research.