Collating [verb]

Definition of Collating:

sort collection

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Sentence/Example of Collating:

Turnbull tinkers it by reading 'thee' for 'the,' instead of collating the texts.

The text had the advantage of the valuable work done by Grundtvig4 in collating the two transcripts made by Thorkelin5.

By collating these two authorities we obtain information which, singly, neither the one nor the other could afford.

Catch-word, a word printed at the foot of one page indicating the first word of the page following, as a guide in collating.

Page numbers are retained in this version to assist in the later collating the numerous illustrations.

It is only by collating these returns over a long period that anything like a complete statement can be made up.

The allegory here is so apt, that in a catalogue of various readings obtained from collating the MSS.

Let us now discuss the best method of carrying out this principle, by collating the results of alternative methods of applying it.

Eighty to ninety (including sixteen to twenty-three learners), collating and sewing.

No former annals of the world had been so exact in marking dates and collating sacred history with profane.