Colleagues [noun]

Definition of Colleagues:

associate, fellow worker

Synonyms of Colleagues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Colleagues:

Sentence/Example of Colleagues:

Vlontzos and his colleagues wanted to try a different approach.

Over the last few weeks, we've talked about home office ergonomics, the challenges of collaborating with remote colleagues, work strategies, and the inevitable return to the office.

Rather than just comparing across groups, Gunnar and her colleagues wanted to confirm that a normalizing of the HPA axis had occurred in each of the kids.

Cohen and his colleagues took the color out of roughly three-quarters of the visual field.

The leopard spots are not just a new species but represent a whole new genus, mycologist Pedro Crous and colleagues announced in the July 2020 Persoonia.

In one study, Dimitris Xygalatas, an anthropologist and psychologist also at the University of Connecticut, and colleagues recruited 74 Hindu women in southwest Mauritius.

A good test is to ask yourself whether you’d be comfortable sharing an article from the publication with your colleagues and friends.

Unfortunately, my colleagues and I do not know where on the Martian surface the meteorites come from, but many are working to figure that out.

Patient 1 got the virus from a business colleague from Shanghai, China.

Palmroth and her colleagues suspect that the stripes could arise from atmospheric waves — ripples of gas in the atmosphere.