Collecting [verb]

Definition of Collecting:

accumulate, come together

Synonyms of Collecting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collecting:

Sentence/Example of Collecting:

A very interesting way of studying Ferns is that of collecting the fronds of the species which the hunter may come across.

As judge, I set about collecting his property with much diligence, involving considerable hardship.

To prevent the old disputes in collecting his corn tithes, he had at work one of Captain Trevithick's steam thrashing machines.

But the Earls of Mar and Athol are collecting their forces, and some other nobles of the land are drawing to their party.'

He did not mind the trouble of collecting, and he could fight off repairs longer than any landlord in town.

You may put on as many fines as you please, Mr. Judge, but by —— there's a difference between imposing and collecting, I reckon.

The holes have been made by the Malays for the purpose of collecting it.

Douglas got clear with but insignificant loss, and, collecting his men by a prearranged note of his horn, he returned to camp.

I have been collecting some most valuable information on (looking round at them) lunacy in the—er—county of Devonshire.

I guess when we begin collecting judgments by levying on the new road, there won't be much of it left.