Collections [noun]

Definition of Collections:

group, accumulation

Opposite/Antonyms of Collections:

Sentence/Example of Collections:

English connoisseurs suffer those of no other nation to excel them in their collections.

One of the largest collections of Roman relics in Britain is to be found in the museum of the castle.

These he afterwards sold, in order to purchase some volumes of Historical Collections.

To the ordinary attendants, collections do not operate as deterrents; but to the “strags” they are frighteners.

He showed me indeed many excellent collections of the State of the Revenue in former Kings and the late times, and the present.

They have four collections a year, and the hat never goes round amongst them in vain.

It was reprinted in later collections of Boulanger's works, and went through several English and Spanish editions.

The greater number of these well-arranged collections have existed, like the University of Berlin, scarcely twenty years.

Of collections and criticisms of the songs and poetry of the civil war in this country there is no lack.

Other collections, on a smaller scale, will furnish the same remedy.