Collective [adjective]

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Some still have to be negotiated with the Fraternal Order of Police, a police membership organization that engages in collective bargaining and has historically worked against police accountability.

Unions, which act as a sort of intermediary between workers and their employers, advocate on behalf of employees for better wages, working conditions and other benefits through collective bargaining.

It succeeded by putting researchers working on disparate projects on the same campus in New Jersey and harnessing their collective power.

Bates said workers’ rights are typically negotiated through collective bargaining, but the pandemic made a citywide ordinance necessary.

Spreading travelers to more destinations, rather than concentrating them into a few lucky resort spots, he says, “is more sustaining than people think,” in spite of our collective pre-Covid-19 proclivities.

A premium release strategy could become a way of extracting dollars from people who can’t go to theaters or prefer not to, even when the pandemic is finally in our collective rearview mirrors.

Of course, some credit or blame must lie with the collective response to a new result, not just the individual who presents it.

As record-breaking heat waves baked Californians last month, the collective strain of millions of air conditioners forced the state’s grid operators to plunge hundreds of thousands of households into darkness.

It’s about the collective good of the rest of humanity and about not turning our planet into a public-health crisis.

The collective effect of these developments has been to accelerate a global trend toward the fracturing of the Internet.