Collectively [adverb]

Definition of Collectively:

as one

Opposite/Antonyms of Collectively:


Sentence/Example of Collectively:

Even the nation’s oldest and wealthiest museums collectively have had to lay off thousands of staff members.

“That’s so 2020,” people collectively heaved, again and then again, during a year ravaged by a global pandemic, climate crises and political and social dissent.

The reason Facebook and Google are collectively worth nearly $2 trillion is because they can easily target advertising because their consumers willingly tell them exactly what they like and don’t like.

If the last year has shown us anything, it’s that we aren’t doing enough collectively to protect the people most vulnerable to the virus.

Even as we collectively barrel toward destruction of nature, humans seem to have an innate connection to it.

Say you’re a company of 10,000 employees — if even a tenth of your workers sign up to become influencers, they’ll collectively have more social reach than the company itself.

It wasn’t something that was talked about enough or collectively understood as part of the food consciousness of America.

No burst has been as energetic as the April 28 event—which in turn was about 30 times dimmer than the weakest known FRB from another galaxy—but the blasts collectively span a vast range of energies.

In a year that has brought unparalleled tragedies to millions of families, this hunger to collectively invest in our future is a reminder of the power of democracy.

Personally, the English do not attract nor shine; but collectively they are a race to make their mark on the destinies of mankind.