Collectivity [noun]

Definition of Collectivity:

total made up of parts

Opposite/Antonyms of Collectivity:

Sentence/Example of Collectivity:

That the collectivity shall benefit from the services of the servant, the nurse, the teacher—this is a modern ideal.

The perfection of the collectivity cannot be that material and brutal solidarity which comes from mechanical organisation alone.

According to Kropotkin, in future there will exist solely property of the collectivity in all things indiscriminately.

The art of Mr. Arnold Bennett gets its 247bigness, its collectivity, in part—from extension over time.

They lacked those qualities of collectivity which characterized Rome and England.

Any accumulation by the individual that might be used for exploitation would pass to the collectivity at the death of the holder.

Who has not sometimes experienced with terrible keenness what may be called the sthetic effect of collectivity?

This Masonic convent has also decided that the means of production and exchange must be restituted to the collectivity.

A collection of individuals is not always, and by the mere fact of its collectivity, a society.

In the same way these particles of the rose-seed, each acting of itself, in their collectivity formed the rose-spirit.