Collector [noun]

Definition of Collector:

one who collects accounts

Synonyms of Collector:

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Sentence/Example of Collector:

It’s also supporting the repair of a sewage pipe and collector that collapsed in 2017, causing millions of gallons of untreated sewage to spill into San Diego.

Still, our analysis found that Oportun has filed so many lawsuits in the state that it would remain among the most litigious debt collectors even if it filed 60% fewer debt claims.

That number of filings makes Oportun the most litigious personal loan company in Texas and one of the most litigious debt collectors in the state overall this year.

GDPR places the burden of proof on data collectors, such as companies, to demonstrate why they need the data.

To figure out how much the blocks had worn down, the researchers compared them to versions of the same blocks that collectors had held since the 1970s.

A native brought news that a collector and his wife were hiding in a swamp near the road.

To assist the amateur and collector in this pursuit is the object of the present little work.

In the end, the Company's tea was seized by the Collector and stored in the vaults under the Exchange.

Some of the seed was sent to the collector of Kaira, who forwarded a sample of the tobacco grown from it.

"You are the first stranger as has been here since the tax collector last month," she said, beginning to clear away the mystery.