College [noun]

Definition of College:

institution of higher education

Synonyms of College:

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Sentence/Example of College:

I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to by Roots author Alex Haley for the first time in college.

Sadly, most of these innovations never took hold in our schools and colleges, and remote learners today are left with edtech that feels like it is still trapped in the 90s.

InsideSherpa, a Y Combinator graduate, hosts virtual work experience programs for college students all around the world.

The best laid plans of colleges and universities are no assurance during a public health crisis.

Still, Mulligan’s analysis considered Sanders’s proposals for universal health care, “free public college, free child care … a full transformation of the energy sector” and more.

She had applied to the most prestigious colleges in the country, all of which would be expecting her to finish the classes in which she was enrolled.

At the moment, Republicans have the majority in 26 states — but this could change in November, and it’s the new Congress that certifies the electoral college in January.

Even with the drop, college costs have surged in the last two decades, far outpacing inflation.

With all due respect to last weekend's slate of games, college football started in earnest last night when Miami beat UAB, 31-14, to kick off the Power 5 season.

Since they were in high school or college, these concepts have been part of their experience, and so it’s a natural thing for them.