Collegians [noun]

Definition of Collegians:

person who completes education, pursuit

Synonyms of Collegians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collegians:

Sentence/Example of Collegians:

By token of your Virgilian diversions shall I assume that you are a collegian, really or almost?

This officer is evidently a “Collegian” of the old days, under Inman, for he refers to what they learnt in 1824 and 1825.

The account of the collegian, which forms the plot of the story "In the Fog," is even more daring in its realism.

The simple, manly style of his printed address fully equals in literary ability that of the average collegian in the twenties.

There was not a collegian within doors, nor a turnkey absent, as they crossed the yard.

The count became livid with anger, and, by this time on his feet, ready to come to blows with the collegian.

The Bostonian educated at Harvard College remained a collegian, if he stuck only to what the college gave him.

The education in fact, of the peasant, and that of the future double-first collegian, begins and proceeds on the same principle.

Nobody who is hired for money can possibly make the same joyful ass of himself as a collegian under strictly amateur momentum.

The injured collegian opened his eyes again and stared at the youth before him.