Collegiate [adjective]

Definition of Collegiate:

relating to schooling, learning

Synonyms of Collegiate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collegiate:

Sentence/Example of Collegiate:

During his memorial service, head basketball coach Tom Crean talked about Hogue’s imprint on collegiate sports.

This capsule of cozy items with a collegiate feel is the first of many small collections to come, each with new products and a different vibe, available for just a limited time.

This is particularly important when a collegiate season is only, at maximum, something like 40 games long, making the data noisy.

The governing body of collegiate sports intensified conversations about Native mascots in 2001, the same year the organization banned states that fly the Confederate flag from hosting national championship events.

They both played in the same collegiate system at Connecticut, though more than a decade apart.

We as heretofore, have been on the extreme; either no qualification at all, or a Collegiate education.

She couldn't make out what, for all the Academic and Collegiate girls whispered about it secretly at recess.

The senior course in our high school comprises collegiate subjects.

England was not going to confer its greatest collegiate honor without being permitted to pay its wider and more popular tribute.

After the dissolution of the collegiate establishment the church at Howden began to be neglected.