Colliding [verb]

Definition of Colliding:

slam into

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Sentence/Example of Colliding:

Yes, electric fields formed by colliding dust grains can help increase the amount of dust in the atmosphere.

In 2017, Mizera was struggling to analyze how objects in string theory collide when he stumbled upon tools pioneered by Israel Gelfand and Kazuhiko Aomoto in the 1970s and 1980s as they worked with a type of cohomology called “twisted cohomology.”

As the pandemic has collided with protests for racial justice, parents are looking for answers.

When those crystals collide with the ammonia-water droplets, they may charge up and create lightning, Becker and her colleagues reason.

As the gamma rays travel through space, they sometimes collide with other passing photons, morphing into an electron and a positron as a result.

It’s similar to how two people walking toward each other on a one-dimensional line can’t help but collide, but two people approaching each other on a two-dimensional floor can easily swerve out of the way.

These extremes have been showing up along coasts where warm, moist air from the ocean collides with hot air on land.

All Martian meteorites were formed millions of years ago, when asteroids and other space rocks collided into the surface of Mars with enough force to eject pieces of its crust into orbit.

The colliding waves combine to form a special pattern known as “a standing wave,” Mittelstein notes.

He knew, as may be said, that they were everywhere, and he was liable to collide with them at the most unexpected moments.