Collier [noun]

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If the Collier were a Radical, how coal-black the portraits would come out!

Considering the number and character of the emendations in Mr. Collier's volume, I have the less hesitation in proposing this one.

Morgan's men were hardly out of sight on the Richmond road when Colonel Collier and the militia appeared.

Her father is a collier and lives as most of them do—drinking, rioting, fighting.

The scenario, like the plat described for us by Malone and Collier, was hung up behind the stage.

I made this statement some twenty years ago, in an article in "Collier's Weekly."

Some fifteen years ago there was published in "Collier's Weekly" a study of the costs to society of incendiary fires.

Of the thousand men who had left the collier, half were dead or wounded, but fortunately the remainder were comparatively safe.

Mrs. Collier informed the Court that "the key turned for Mrs. Oliver and no one else, and the words in the Bible were for her."

He wrote Robert Collier, threatening him with all sorts of revenge, declaring that the elephant was devastating Stormfield.