Colluding [verb]

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Whether nor not a company is too big isn’t the issue, but whether or not that bigness enables it to set the rules of competition, collude, and quash competitors.

As they proliferate, experts say, we need to make sure they don’t collude against us in damaging ways.

She was arrested at the time, and released on bail, for covering a rally on behalf of political prisoners at the presidential office and charged with “colluding against national security” and “disturbing public order.”

Police this morning arrested the paper’s founder, Jimmy Lai, on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces—a crime under the new national security law punishable by up to life in prison.

Some people argue that the Democrats and Republicans are essentially a duopoly that colludes, really, to perpetuate their power at the expense of the average voter.

Associated words: collude, collusion, collusive, connivance.