Colonialism [noun]

Definition of Colonialism:

expansionist doctrine

Synonyms of Colonialism:

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Sentence/Example of Colonialism:

Import and export of crops are entrenched in colonialism, but cacao is an ancient native food, so you can also find many people still growing and making chocolate who are originally from the land in which cacao grows.

It lends itself naturally to metaphors about colonialism and empire.

That makes sense for the genre, because the gothic novel has been interested in thinking through questions of colonialism and empire for a long, long time.

For example, per capita greenhouse gas emissions have historically been highest in countries that profited from slavery and colonialism.

Africa sees China as an alternative financier and a path to economic development without the cloud of colonialism—although this perspective is changing and criticism of China from within Africa is becoming more common.

Let no one cite India as an argument in defense of colonialism.

He tells them with the sweetest tones of his charming voice that they are pleased and happy to rot in "colonialism."

The Democratic party has declared such a policy to be only imperialism and colonialism under another name.

He had classified banks of issue, colonialism, and slavery, as well as some other things as equal parts of a mercantile program.

Thus the extra constitutional foundations of the Republican party have led to colonialism.