Colonists [noun]

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One powerful colonist alone refused to obey: Mem de Sa ordered his house to be surrounded and instantly levelled with the ground.

For the merman turned and caught at Dalgard, pulling the larger colonist along a step or two with the urgency of his grip.

If these mermen had not seen a colonist before, he might resemble Those Others in their eyes.

About the other's narrow hips was slung a belt from which hung pouches and tools the primitive colonist could not evaluate.

He was not going to allow himself to be pushed onto anything foolish, whether this "colonist" could read his mind or not.

But a grateful Indian gave a colonist timely warning of the coming danger.

Any colonist having any of these things for sale had to put them on English ships, and pay freight to carry them to England.

But if the prisoner was injured, the colonist was not less so.

In crossing to Niagara, we had a specimen of the precocious colonist of 1845.

The farm was turned over to Falkner; who, by the way, soon blossomed into a remarkably able and energetic colonist.