Colonization [noun]

Definition of Colonization:

settlement of area

Synonyms of Colonization:

Opposite/Antonyms of Colonization:


Sentence/Example of Colonization:

But why deem any argument necessary to show the unrighteousness of colonization?

Bushrod Washington, a nephew of George Washington, served as one of the presidents of this national colonization society.

One thing we do know, that he left the Colonization Society, because he could not conscientiously subscribe to its measures.

We dismiss it without further comment—and with it Colonization in toto—and Mr. Birney de facto.

Roman colonization resembled, far less than that of the Greeks, the original settlements of this country.

She grasped at dominion, from India to Britain, and her measures of colonization partook of the character of her general system.

I was once interested in colonization, and talked of going to Africa,—of buying myself, and go there and be free.

Then comes the period of colonization and increasing knowledge.

The meeting following this will then begin the next period, when under King James colonization was again taken up.

But a handful held on, and for fifty years their little settlement on the Red River remained a solitary outpost of colonization.