Colonize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Colonize:

There were over a thousand people in this expedition that was going out to colonize Oregon for the United States.

She cannot be assailed with success at home, and she has no need to leave her own territories in search of lands to colonize.

Theyll have their atomic war pretty soon, and leave us a nice high-radiation planet to colonize.

The border is an excellent place in which to colonize native or other interesting plants.

The next expedition seems to have been a project to colonize the country.

The many failures in that unlucky land had not deterred the Spaniards from further attempts to colonize it.

Many men crowded on board, with their families, to colonize the new lands which should be discovered.

K Since the above was written an apparently successful attempt has been made to colonize them in a pool at Winona Lake.

This was the first of a long series of efforts to colonize California.

Several attempts were also made to explore and colonize Guiana.