Colonized [verb]

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The outdoor gardens represent what the American landscape looked like before it was colonized.

If we don’t take care of what’s inside of us, the colonized world teaches us to become aggressive and hurt our own people.

Restaurants shut down dining rooms but shift out into the street, colonizing curbside parking for “streateries” and expanding into the digital realm through multiple delivery platforms.

They determined that random fluctuations in the rates at which the two bacterial species colonized the worms led to sizable differences in the worms’ fully assembled microbiomes.

The enormous cost of lifting material into space means that any serious effort to colonize the solar system will require us to rely on resources beyond our atmosphere.

Philip drove the Coronet across the Golden Gate Bridge north to the Napa Valley, with Helen riding shotgun and James colonizing the bench seat in back.

Microbes may aid them, some scientists hypothesize, either by pre-digesting lactose during fermentation, a common custom, or by colonizing their guts directly.

The bacterium Bacillus subtilis comes running and starts to colonize the roots.

When the Penns colonized Pennsylvania, they claimed the 39th degree parallel as their southern boundary.

It was the next year colonized, and planted with the Cyprian vine and sugar cane of Sicily.