Colonnade [noun]

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The porticoes of all these buildings formed a continuous colonnade by the side of the street.

Heard from granite colonnade or beneath cool linen awning, it was mellowed by distance, to monotonous music.

Through a magnificent colonnade I could see a second court on one side, where were the offices; the door was rotting.

The background, too, that colonnade “leading nowhither,” is characteristic of the change in the manner of regarding things.

While pacing the colonnade one afternoon, there appeared to him a female form of superhuman size and beauty.

A peristyle that has one such higher colonnade is called a Rhodian peristyle.

The south front, towards Pimlico, will form the general entrance to the palace, a concave circular Ionic colonnade and lodges.

But the baptistery has stronger traits of the Gothic style in the pinnacles that crown the encircling colonnade.

A term applied to a secular building, or a court, which is entirely or for the greater part surrounded by a colonnade.

An extended colonnade, usually adjoining a public place, and affording protection against the heat of the sun.