Colophon [noun]

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The appearance of the Mark in the colophon therefore was a natural corollary of the printers vanity.

We have the sign IGÛ in the colophon where it occurs with ÂU, “water”, a-ide meaning “water of the eye”.

This heading is taken from the colophon at the end of the chapter.

The title is taken from the colophon at the end of the chapter.

But (having no house of their own out here) they had, far back, put colophon upon the nascent gas-pipe.

The French poem and its translation were added as an after-thought, and have a separate colophon.

In the vellum copies of this book the colophon is not on the 82nd page as in the paper copies, but on the following page.

Next day they sailed to Notium, and from Notium, after due preparation, marched upon Colophon.

His colophon represents Jupiter seated on an eagle between two oak trees.

Some, says he, procure a prophetic spirit by drinking the sacred water, as is the practice of Apollo's priest at Colophon.