Coloratura [adjective]

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I make a great distinction between the coloratura touch and the melody touch.

Coloratura singing, to be absolutely perfect, demands this degree of tonal excellence.

The modern school of musical criticism does not hold coloratura singing in very high esteem.

But this much is certain: Coloratura singing still has a strong hold on the affections of the music loving public.

Dazzling as the effects of coloratura are, they are obtained by the combination of a few simple elements.

Coloratura singing presents the highest development of vocal technique.

Italian opera was made possible by the discovery of spaghetti, the serpentine food that produces coloratura tissue.

Like myself, she was a coloratura soprano, and I can recollect with joy her voice and her method of singing.

Coloratura singing has been called heartless, not altogether without reason.

He had the coloratura, if you will, of a Patti, but he had something besides—brains and a poetic temperament.