Colored [adjective]

Definition of Colored:

not white

Synonyms of Colored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Colored:

Sentence/Example of Colored:

He conceived an idea of securing agents among the colored people, and in that way effect a good sale.

The clear, straw-colored fluid which is left after separation of the coagulum is called blood-serum.

The intricate perforations of the lamp were inset with colored glass, and the result was a subdued and warm illumination.

A light-colored mulatto boy, in dress coat and bearing a diminutive silver tray for the reception of cards, admitted them.

In the nine differently colored circular tracks, rolled little globes representing the planets.

I looked up at sound of a startled exclamation, and beheld the round African physog of Lyn Rowan's colored mammy.

Putty-colored or "acholic" stools occur when bile is deficient, either from obstruction to outflow or from deficient secretion.

She wore a dust-colored habit with divided skirt, and a soft felt hat and gloves of the same shade.

Why send her a picture of a slate-colored cow when a herd of Durhams pastures every day right under her eye?

That poor little woman with the red eyes and the parti-colored hair is the mother of the infant.