Colorful [adjective]

Definition of Colorful:

brilliant, intensely hued

Synonyms of Colorful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Colorful:

Sentence/Example of Colorful:

Industry members use an assortment of colorful names to refer to the group.

Jupiter is well known for its iconic, colorful banded clouds and its great red spot.

The case also includes a number of colorful details about how Bannon and Kolfage spent their ill-gotten gains and how they got caught.

The Banana Lounge in Building 26 has chests full of free fruit, and a colorful piano outside.

You may not have tailoring expertise under your belt, but to get a little Satō in your step, go for soft, classic fabrics with a fun, colorful lining.

From lobotomies to the colorful promise of brain scans, the field tends to move with huge surges of uncritical optimism that later proves to be unfounded, she says—and digital phenotyping could be simply the latest example.

If all goes to plan, the cotton fiber will be just as colorful as the petri dish tissue.

Hole punch the top and string some colorful ribbons through for good measure.

These colorful arcs usually develop in summer following an afternoon storm.

A sort of anti-aurora can show up as inky patches among the colorful glow of auroral ribbons.