Colossuses [noun]

Definition of Colossuses:

giant thing

Synonyms of Colossuses:

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Sentence/Example of Colossuses:

He believes, he has an instinct, that here is the heel of the German Colossus, otherwise immune to our arrows.

He beckoned to a superb officer, splendid in his trappings—a blue-eyed colossus of nearly six-feet-six.

Shelby thought that there was a slight chance that the colossus might be able to read his lips even though he could not hear.

The ungainly, lumbering motor-boat, with a hulking colossus balanced at the tiller, dropped behind.

The most eminent of this kind was the Colossus of Rhodes, a brazen statue of Apollo, one of the wonders of the world.

This colossus of the vegetable world was discovered in Senegal by the French botanist Adanson, in 1749.

Teddy Jenks did, but the union gave the last known town address as the Colossus.

One was that the Mad Musician had had offices and a studio in the Colossus and was one of the first to move in.

Give a man a tolerably fair memory to start with, and piloting will develop it into a very colossus of capability.

But the petty men who walked under his huge legs and peeped about were too many for Colossus.