Coltish [adjective]

Definition of Coltish:

funny, fun-loving

Synonyms of Coltish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coltish:

Sentence/Example of Coltish:

He's four years old now, so he ought to get over those coltish ways.

The Professor's Coltish Daughter regained her adolescent poise, which was considerable.

"He may be dead or dying," the Professor's Coltish Daughter suggested briskly.

"Maybe he's a shape-changer," the Professor's Coltish Daughter said in a burst of evil fantasy.

Old Bess was rearing and plunging with a coltish animation quite inconsistent with the dignity of her twenty-three years.

The two white polls mingled their venerable locks, but their curvettings were remarkably coltish.

Jennie's glistening dark-blue shape seemed still coltish and nubile by comparison with Julia's ampler mould.

She kicked up her heels on the broad avenue, and became very coltish as she came under the walls of the Capitol.

The report said that old Winchester wasn't very coltish, and that he was evidently failing.

It was a clean-limbed, coltish lass of thirteen who gained the race and sprang first into the arms of Muckle Alick.