Columnar [adjective]

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Fragment, apparently from a columnar mass, of a stone intermediate between clink-stone and compact felspar.

The north of Blue-Mud Bay has furnished also specimens of ancient sandstone; with columnar rocks, probably of clink-stone.

Michael was informed of their disgrace by dark-eyed Mallock whose father wrote columnar letters to The Times.

The great columnar rampart ran almost north and south and the tent was on its eastern side.

Long years of labor by artists the most unconscious of their skill had been given to modelling these columnar firs.

Then one sees the wet walls of limestone and the curiously-formed isolated pieces of rock that almost suggest columnar basalt.

In the midst of the cataract two columnar rocks rise perpendicularly, dividing the fall into three unequal parts.

This mass, of a columnar shape, originally embraced a piece of stone which the Indian finding it had detached.

The platy parting is the more common, but the columnar or prismatic parting is well exhibited at several localities.

So resistant is the columnar basalt in this locality that the ice has been unable to hew out a wider passage.